Elliott Denham

Elliott sits on the intersection between people, business growth, and technology.

He’s a serial-convention-questioner, a maverick thinker, and thrives in ambitious hard-working teams.

Elliott approaches growth strategies in an make-it-happen, fail-fast and stay-focused manner; ensuring goals are not only met, but expectations exceeded. He is passionate about all-things-Startup, innovation and growth hacking, and blogs regularly. Being a renowned keynote speaker, he is frequently invited to panels and interviews, sharing data-driven perspective from the tech startup world.

A dedicated team-player, Elliott performs best around people who get turned on by being told “it’s not possible”. He takes joy from ‘productive failure’, in order to develop himself both professionally and personally; and is constantly seeking to learn with, alongside and from others.

Known by his friends as a ‘happy global nomad’, Elliott has lived all over the world including Dubai, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. A newcomer to London, he is always up for an adventure or challenge. Elliott is a true believer in the power of one’s network, and ensures to make time to mentor young people getting into business.

Motto: “Work Hard, Play Harder, Keep Smiling”